Thursday, March 21, 2013

A Bayly Thing

Sophie was born with a completely full head of black hair.  Thick, an inch long. Stunning. 

It took years for me to realize this would be a "thing" with Bayly babies.  Because she was only the second Bayly cousin, there was no way to know she'd be first in a long line of freakishly thick black heads of newborn hair.  Now, Bayly baby after Bayly baby is being born with the same lustrous locks.  At least half of the rapidly growing number of second cousins. 

(Eleanor and Josephine are definitely part of the normal hair contingent, although their hair also become insanely long, insanely fast.)

Over and over, I am finally realizing she was part of one of those Bayly "things."  I can't really say that to any new Bayly parents, lest I make them feel sad unexpectedly.  But it doesn't make me sad at all.  I just see those beautiful babies and think, My baby too!  

(In the abstract, that pitiful, quasi-delusional, childish delight does make me feel a wee bit sorry for myself.)

But this is one of those strange ways she keeps on living.  When, years later, I realize she is a part of something.  I never would have expected that, seven and a half years after being born and having died, she'd join a club. 

That's fucking miraculous.

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  1. That is fucking miraculous. And eye opening. I've never considered this, but now I have a new place to find little bits of her. Thank you, friend. What a gift!