Friday, October 1, 2010

"Negative Spaces" CAGB. 10/1/2010

Not looking on empty playgrounds much anymore.
Smiling at sun making stripes with trees and browning leaves instead.
Cyclical days of sky pink and sweet music.

Blue crops up, flashing impressions of your eyes.

White clouds like corn popping, salt melting into crevices.
Stepping on crinkled, ruddy tree stars.
Photographs of the nothing between blades of grass.

Night comes on purple, then black like hair.

Morning rises like cream paper around your clippings.
Heart breaks and it breaks softly now.
Rain drops and lands by eyes and lips.
Taste and it is clear, fresh, and it hurts clean.
Chin still trembles when another girl has your name.

But I fill the spaces with anything-but peach walls
And memories built up strong like castles.

Growing older now, but peace lives in these wrinkles.

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