Friday, October 1, 2010

Before I post my poem for the day...

I want to address something.  This hasn't been brought up to me.  And likely it wouldn't be.  Because we are all so used to things being so readily pre-inscribed with meanings that do or do not include us.  But, I don't want this to be that kind of place.  It's not really a place at all, of course.  It's a space for the poetry of our lives. 

I went to the wonderful Food Co-Op on campus this week.  While I stood in line waiting for a girl in a chartreuse hat (her name happened to be Miranda, lovely) to make my falafel, I saw the poem on the wall.  It was "First they came", attributed to Martin Niemöller.  It got me thinking about what it means to have a project. 

Now, I don't fancy my blog to be something that will change lives.  Although, of course, I think poetry can or I wouldn't write at all.  And I also do know that this blog tailors itself to specific emotional discourses.  Like my recent IMAGO project.  It is "Poetry for Parents," as the button says.  But, I realized in thinking about it, that it is that for me.  Because that is what I need to get through this month.  This time is of such great personal significance (and that happens to also be National Infant Loss Remembrance Month). 

But, it isn't just my month. 
It is also LGBT History Month. 
Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 
National Depression Education and Awareness Month. 
National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. 
National Infertility Month. 
National Arts and Humanities Month. 
Diversity Awareness Month. 
Positive Attitude Month. 
And, amongst so many others, National Pizza and Cookies Month. 
Interestingly, ahem, it's also National Co-Op Month. 

I've gone off course here. 

I guess my point is that I am ecstatic and really, truly humbled and honored if one person grabs my IMAGO: Poetry for Parents button.  Or even reads my daily poems.  And I hope I made clear that you can choose to write any single day for IMAGO.  It doesn't have to be every day.  Or here.  Although I'd love it to be both.  But, also, it doesn't have to be part of my agenda.  This is a place for emotions.  And if you feel so called to the IMAGO project, please make it your own.  This is about our lives.  My poetic life centers on my sweet Sophie.  As much as I might stray from her to other muses, she is my poetry.  But we get our muses where we find them:  in the sweet, and the beauty, and the breaking.

I've made up some alternative buttons, and if a single person expresses interest in them, I will display them here.  And I may anyway.  And should you participate in IMAGO or want to call people here from other spaces, I'm happy to make you any IMAGO banner that fits your positive mission for healing and expression.  I considered this for a while and decided that including other projects doesn't detract from my own writing to my Sophie, but strengthens it.  Thoughts?

As always,
Thank you.

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