Saturday, November 27, 2010

"FINALLY ALIVE" by Marce Weibel

                      Look at me, look at who I am,
I’ve stopped hiding.
Open your eyes, bare witness,
No longer naive am I,
Leading an unexamined life. Time to care for the woman,
I know myself to be.
Lanced wounds, unbraided events,
Channeled through an inner most shift.
Pulse stirred, countenance billowing,
A chaos of color -- delicious joy.
Deceptive rhetoric jettisoned,
No longer a derailment,
But a prelude to today’s zenith.
My soul is soothed,
The purity of my beauty authentic
Brave and strong
My essence discovering equilibrium.
See me -- see inside of me,
An aliveness, a zest.
I stand balanced upon the threshold,
Living my life as it's meant to be.

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