Friday, November 5, 2010

Thank you.

I've mentioned the support I got on Halloween of this year.  These supporters are too many to mention.  But, I've just posted a poem I received from Marce Weibel.  This poem mirrored my own feelings, a sense of full circling that I know will ebb and flow over time.  I hope you enjoy it and feel vicariously my own joy at having received it. 

I also got quite a few pictures. 
One that my hubs took on his phone
of me and Ellabella visiting Sophs.
and a beautiful butterfly from Melissa Durst

and candles burning at the
homes of Stephanie Cole

and my close, wonderful friend
and fellow traveler, Andhra.

I also got an amazing poem from my sister, that also traces the development of her own auntly feelings for Sophie.  Sometimes, the feelings of our sisters are the hardest and most wonderful for me to handle.  They are raw and as vulnerable, complex, and personal as mine.  It means the world to me that they not only remember but feel and wish and imagine.  That poem will be going up later.

All my love.

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