Saturday, November 6, 2010

"Only for a Niece, from her Aunt" by Jean Marie Gelso

The spaces between the birds still chirping
(my eyes unopened)
The feeling in my tendons as I stretch
The warmth of shower water pulsing
The movement of a breeze through trees
(closing my eyes and hearing it still)
The smell of cold and pine needles
The lightness of a drifting leaf or of a coasting bird
The sound the stars make moving through the sky
The loneliness a pensive moment brings
(or the moments in between)
The words I never bring myself to say
(to anyone
not even myself)
The relief I feel when tears still come
(the comfort they bring as they warm my cheeks)
The desire I have to visit you
The tightness in my chest that stops me
The repetition of your name and your soft face in my mind
The hope you showed up in my dreams and I just didn’t remember
The fear that time has gone by
The questions that are in my mind
The thought of you every hour (of every day)
The strangeness in knowing that no one else knows that
The secret I hold
Is you
My sweet
How can anyone ever know
I do
I really do
I hold you with me
Deep inside
In corners unexposed
In crevices dark (uncovered)
Where I remember you
Not mine to claim
Not mine to discuss
But mine only to remember
By others
Who don’t understand
My love for you my sweet
My one I’ve never known
Never felt
So these are times (private)
When I remember you
They are mine and yours together
And the only secret bond we share.

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