Thursday, September 9, 2010


1) Thank you to the Rumour Mill.  I love reading your blog, I sometimes secretly think we could be great friends in "real" life, and it makes me super happy that you're here. 

2) I killed one of my plants this weekend.  No big deal, I know.  But this was one of five plants I've kept alive since 2005--all gifts given to us when Sophie passed away.  Five years--that's a long time for plants, practically an eternity with me as caretaker.  So, on that note, my feelings about the plant...

Green, slick, crisp-brown about the edges. 
The white pot coated with a thin, sticky layer of dust from five years of hard living.
As the leaves begin to drip and fall, circling slowly about her curves.
Creeping toward an oblivion in the compost.
I decide to live on the edge--giving her one more day without water.
One minute it feels right to let her go.
The next I am standing over her, weeping--
Pouring glass after glass into the well of her dirt.
Making up for times I should have kept her afloat.
She is all that I have, this plant, on the brink.
She is all rubbery leaves now, earth smell and forest darkening.

(By Catherine A.G. Bayly)

3) This place is open for business, should you (anyone) have anything to share.  :o)


  1. Thank you.

    I can only imagine what it must feel like to let that plant go. You won't forget her, how could you.

    Loving hurts but the hardest part is letting go.

  2. There was a similar piece you wrote--in prose though not poetry--a long time ago. I'd love to read it again... Do you know the one I'm remembering?

  3. Also.. I think this is a wonderful idea! I have so many things I wrote on my other computer that's at home (I shared some with you, I know)...I wish I had them with me so I could share them now.

  4. This was older, right? The plant my sister gave you? I remember this vividly.

    I am really thrilled to see you doing this. Will email you with feedback. xoxo.