Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Untitled Trio, by Melissa Durst.

Breath caught in throat
Head spinning
Wanting more
Pinning up her dress

Fingertips trailing with sinning
Along walls
Humming a sweet melody
You've undone me

Misspent youth
Searching for acceptance
Wrapped up in self
No repentance

Regrets are small
But heavy like stones
Stacked up in the walls
Of my heart

Life wouldn't be
Had it been different
This truth burns like a flame
Saving me

The despair swallowing me whole
is black and feels sharp

Falling to my knees
tears streaming silently down
I open my mouth to scream
and instead, sing.


  1. Melissa, the images in this first poem are amazing. Emotional and so material all at once. These are beautiful.

  2. Wow. The imagery in the first. It is so vivid that I see color. This reminds me of feelings long forgot. I cannot believe I actually know such talent. Thanks, Cat, for letting me in on the secret.