Thursday, October 21, 2010

"Three Plants on a Rock" (a photo)


  1. Well, Bill and I are holed up in the mountains. And my laptop is kaput. So I'm trying to use my limited service. I can't post, but I can comment. So I'm leaving a hint at/idea/inspiration. While we hiked a nice long trail today, I thought about how our human attempts to control nature are entirely representations of ways animals do it instinctually. So, the line, "Our saws through logs approximate the gnaws of beaver jaws." Too rhyme-y, I know. But more too on rivers, and the way they cut through forests. Ideas would be great as I won't be able to tool around with these until I get home.

  2. "We fancy our babies and brothers so different from young buds picked from wick branches by nonchalant hands."